What's my crab?

An experimental guide to help identify New Zealand crabs
To identify your crab answer the below questions; that will filter the crabs shown in the list. As you answer a question other questions may appear. You can click the zoom_in to view more details of a crab, or select multiple crabs using check_box_outline_blank then use zoom_in to compare them.
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  • You can click the help icon for more help with each question.
  • You can select multiple answers for each question; for example if for the shape of the shell question you select both the round and square options then all round and square shaped crabs will show.
  • If you're unsure of the answer or a question doesn't apply you don't have to answer anything for it, or you can hide it.
  • When you're looking at a crab's details (after using zoom_in) you can click the zoom_out_map to see the full sized images.
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